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About Us

Al-Malek Group

Al-Malek International Group was established in 1992 and has 24 years of experience in business operations as a leading travel agency in the heart of Kuwait. Our offices are situated in prime locations surrounded by many establishments connected to the travel industry including hotels, restaurants and shopping complexes.

Al-Malek is a reputed name recognized in the travel trade as a global player with appointment as GSA for Fly Nas, Air Koryo and Tarco Air also the sales agent for a number of airlines operating in and out of Kuwait. We are an ardent member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and licensed by the aviation authority and the tourism board of Kuwait.

The group has received many awards and accolades for its leading performance in revenue generation and sales & marketing of airline ticketing to become the best out of the best in Kuwait.



Since the establishment of Al-Malek Group in 1992, the company has been engaged in the marketing and sales of quality service to the people of Kuwait and expatriate community in Kuwait to meet their travel needs. Al-Malek provides service of travel and tourism to destination of global holidays tailor made to the whim and wishes of those discerning travelers no matter the country of origin.

Al-Malek and Makkah Travels are active members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) licensed by the Tourism promotion Bureau of Kuwait. The group holds the aviation license from the Aviation Authority of Kuwait for landing rights for   Air Koryo ,Flynas and Tarco Air are prospector for many other airlines flying in and out of Kuwait for promotion and development of the Kuwait Travel and Tourism Industry.

Our Vision

Forge ahead to become the leading travel organization in Kuwait with a vision to globalize travel activities of Al-Malek to promote tourism in Kuwait and the Asian Region.

Our Mission

Provide travel and tourism services to all customers and clientele by designing competitive travel plans and itineraries to provide the maximum benefits with minimum expenses.

Our History

Al-Malek  Group is one of the oldest Travel Agencies in Kuwait. It was founded in 1992 and since then with our steady growth and continuous success we have established an excellent reputation for reliability, customer orientation, quality customer service and setting new standards for others to follow. This was achieved through an inspired team of people and a strategic capital investment of KD 500,000/- (approx USD $ 1.8 Million)


We possess more than 24 years of experience in the travel industry specializing in marketing of travel and tourism products and services. This vast experience has earned us the respect of many international and domestic airlines. Al-Malek Group is a member of IATA & ASTA

Our values

‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ is the motto that Al Malek Travel uses to gauge every single thing we do. Meeting that promise is not always a simple task, but we pride ourselves in bringing the  same innovative and caring approach to each customer, from individuals to large multinational corporations and government institutions. It allows us to deliver superior value while meeting your unique needs.
With our global reach, state-of-the-art technology and established customer care programs, Al Malek Travel is able to offer flexible, cost- and experience, enables us to understand and manage the rapid changes in the global travel industry, as well as the individual marketplaces that make up our region. Combined, that knowledge provides our network of regional offices with a competitive edge that is second to effective options and quality service at every turn. Local knowledge, coupled with our global partnerships none.


Corporate Information  
Company Name Al-Malek Group
Subsidiaries Al-Malek Travel Agency (since 1992)
  Al-Malek Al Fiddiya Construction (since 1998)
  Muamalatko Services (since 2001)
  Makkah Travel Agency (since 2003)
  GSA  forAirKoryo  (since 2008)
  GSA for Flynas (since 2012)
  GSA for Tarco Air (since 2015)
Chairman  Sultan Al Ghassab
General Manager Salam Al Sayegh
Operation Manager Kamal Ramadan
Manager Sales Bari Fiyaz Jaleel
Manager Finance Mohamed Ramadan
Makkah Travels  Manager Hosni Al Hadidi
Manager Farwania Branch Azari Sulaiman
Manager Fly nas Yasser Monteser
Registered Address  Fahaheel, Kuwait
Office Location Hawali -  Farwania – Fahaheel – Jahrah
Bank Kuwait Finance House (KFH), Bobyan Bank, Gulf Bank
GSA Fly Nas, Air Koryo, Tarco Air
Affiliations IATA, ASTA